Friday, October 2, 2015

Cool Animal Game images

A few nice animal game images I found:

Ball games, anyone?
animal game
Image by Missud

Nice Animal Friends photos

Check out these animal friends images:

Red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus) at Gator & Friends in Greenwood, LA
animal friends
Image by Dallas Krentzel

Pets for adoption at Fayette Friends Of Animals
animal friends
Image by dmuth

in this picture there is a hidden animal
animal friends
Image by 5imon
see if you can spot it

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cool Animal Names images

A few nice animal names images I found:

name needed...
animal names
Image by liangjinjian
animal kingdom

The Hoover Dog Memorial
animal names
Image by Rubink1
It was a mascot while they built the dam and the workers buried it (it died under a truck tire) right under where this plaque is

Monday, September 28, 2015

Nice Animals Facts photos

Some cool animals facts images:

Highly successful ALLIGATOR hunt!
animals facts
Image by Adventures of KM&G-Morris
Granddaughter was pleased with the outing. In fact, the alligators were so glad to see us they invited us over for a snack.

Springtime flowers at Brazos Bend
check out the mouth in a large view - they were bellowing for a "friend" or...
Alligators seemed to object to barking dogs - that may be why the mouth is open. Or, perhaps they just think dogs are dumb enough to get too close and they're ready to enjoy the moment.

flamingo portrait
animals facts
Image by Tee Time Tony
Beautiful flamingos taken at martin mere in the flamingo house where they eat, loved the fact that the background came out black !!! looks like we were in a studio . comments welcome

Cheyenne 2-27-08
animals facts
Image by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Wolves
Cheyenne is difficult to get pictures of, as she's always up in your face for attention. Any photographer who's come on a photo tour can testify to this fact!

Cool Marine Animals images

Check out these marine animals images:

marine animals
Image by BioDivLibrary
The Great Barrier Reef of Australia;.
London :W.H. Allen,[1893].

marine animals
Image by BioDivLibrary
The Great Barrier Reef of Australia;.
London :W.H. Allen,[1893].

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cool Animal Pics images

Check out these animal pics images:

Happy elephant.
animal pics
Image by Heather|Creamer
Zoo pics from my trip to visit Rachel.

Hanging pheasant
animal pics
Image by Marz Photography
Old Pics Borough Market 07

Happy Caturday to all Friends !

Some cool animal friends images:

Happy Caturday to all Friends !
animal friends
Image by Viola & Cats / Sorry absent (broken pc)
Do not use my images without my permission .
Non utilizzare le mie immagini senza il mio consenso .

Best friends Lilac and Daisy
animal friends
Image by Marji Beach
Lilac (left) was rescued in 2004 from a large battery cage operation and turns 9 this year. Daisy (right) was rescued in 2008 from a smaller battery cage operation.

Both of these hens were rescued from egg farms where they would have been slaughtered at 1.5 years of age. They have been de-beaked. Their brothers were killed the day they were born

Lilac is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other. She uses her friend Daisy as a seeing eye chicken, so she can explore her environment safely.